Go away rain

Haven't decided whether I love or hate this galosh by John Lobb ... hmmmmm practicality vs looking stupid ...

Making it up as we go along!

 Happy birthday! Dazed and Confused are celebrating 20 years of their wicked magazine. When I was younger I would always flick through copies my parents would leave at home, but I never really buy it, i-D always gets in there first. Anyway, so it was really great to see an exhibition all about Dazed at Somerset House - to view magazine content on the same level that you view a framed piece of art. I thought that was cool, in the world of publishing you always rush onto making the next issue for the printers deadline and you never get a chance to properly acknowledge what you have created - so I think the show was great in that respect. Below are some of my favourite pieces from the show ...

The language Barbara Kruger (below) uses in her pieces is ace. "I'm cool. If I wasn't skinny, I couldn't be cool. I'd have to be hot, or even worse warm" - perfect phrasing for the world of fashion journalism!

Phil Poytner's series "I didn't recognise you with your clothes on" for November 1998 is definetly one of my new favourites! So witty.

Also the embroidery pieces by Maurizio Anzeri for "It came from the sky" were absolutely gorgeous.


Earlier in the term, for a "Visual Thinking" project we were given a piece of stationary to investigate into and to create a film that gives insight into the tool. Propella, John, Jade and I were given the red, berol felt tip pen which we have loved to hate. As part of our film we coloured the walls of my living room with this tool. Quite a long job!

Hidden Heroes

The Science Museum have a really ace exhibition on at the moment called "Hidden Heroes" which runs until June next year. It explores the genius of everyday things. The show reveals original sketches by the inventors, history of the object and development over time. I thought this show was great because it let me see the beauty in practical things - there is nothing more beautiful than when something works well and functions perfectly. 44 objects are featured , the stars of the show included - bubble wrap, the condom, the clothes peg, tetra pack, velcro, the barcode - among many other superstars! The multi-pack carrier was one of my favourites in the show. In my opinion, it is revolutionary how six beverages can be held at such a low expense and using so much less packaging material.

The title "Hidden Heroes" is so apt, as to me good design should be almost invisible. If you can't make it to the show, the website is a pretty good reference despite being annoying to navigate.


Lately I have been doing a lot of drooling over furniture. My current favourite to drool over are Ray and Charles Eames. Just want to fill my room full of their things! Such beautiful, considered objects - what a dream team.

Number plate watch

Couple more to add to the collection. Should spend a day in a multistorey carpark and see how many I can collect ... hmmmm

Art Licks

The other week at the ICA I picked up a copy of "Art Licks". The magazine aims to "explore what artists, curators and galleriests are doing and thinking." They also run a pretty cool website and the contents of this is reflected in the quarterly publication. The whole inside is a one colour print and looks pretty epic, in my opinion. Nice one.

Links to websites that I like (vi)

This is such an excellent blog. "Microwhat" posts before and after photographs of microwaving everything. Genius and gorgeous photographs too.

How to get ahead in advertising

Forgot how ridiculously brilliant this film is. An essential watch for any graphics student considering the advertising career path. Amazing.

Hot & Cool

Today I got "Hot & Cool". It is Alice Goddard's magazine. The layout and design is cool, and the contents is pretty hot. With the perfect quantity of content and brilliant art direction it makes for an ace publication.


Was having a soso Monday until I discovered the work of Felix de Pass. A Design Products graduate from the RCA. His products are brilliantly functional with aesthetics deriving from material construction. My personal favourite is his "Bin Frame" - a simple wire frame that supports the universal plastic carrier bag transforming it into a bin.

David R

During me and Tristan's photography tutorial with Olli Kellett we were told to look at the most brilliant series of images. "Badly Parked Fiats" by David Ryle. The images are so humorous and beautiful.

Cecil B

Cecil Beaton

This is by far the best book that I stole from home when I moved out. This gem of a book records Cecil Beaton's strains, satisfactions, delights and despairs of making a major movie. Also including sketches and his own pictures of the film in progress. My Fair Lady is a brilliant musical and Pygmallion is an equally good play. His art direction in the film, especially in the ascot scene is spectacular.  This book is brilliant as it gives an insight into his design process and ideas. 

His books are hard to come by, but next year the V&A will be holding a major exhibition of his photography which I am excited about.


November means that is getting dead cold. Blue lips cold.
How fantastic are these gloves? I know that just under $600 is a lot, but they look insane! And can double up as a mop. May have to get the knitting needles out and make some counterfits!


Nobrow Launch

This week I went to the launch for issue 6 of Nobrow's magazine, which is created alongside their small publications.

If you don't know Nobrow, well I think you should because they produce some of the most beautiful publications in London, in my opinion. I'm a bit of a zine enthusiast and a sucker for colour prints - so obviously discovering Nobrow was a happy day. The publications showcase lots of fantastic illustrators and graphic artists, check the list by clicking here. Their shop and studio is on Great Eastern St and is totally worth popping into, even if you don't decide to buy something.

Ada & Gertrude Stein

The launch for issue 6 of the magazine was @ Jaguar Shoes. Showcasing artwork from the new issue and also screening films from neat illustrators+animators. The space was transformed beautifully, in my opinion. 

Below is a really neat animation by Joe Mann that was on display at the launch.

Note to self ...