Porfolio handed in.  Pdf handed in. Research handed in. First year done!

Drdrdriving round town in the Ryan taxi!

How cool would it be to have an icecream van/taxi like this little model?? Best ride home ever! 


Got sent a copy of SPQR newspaper in the post. It is a really great illustrative paper, with ideas and texts and whats going down in the studio. Nice one! Read more about it here ... 

Seriouslllyy need some Louis Vuitton s/s 2012, in my life ...

At home I was reading a book about Le Corbusier. I think the Notre Dame du Haut chapel is an absolute beauty.

Food related art

 On my laptop I have a whole folder for "food and art" images I find and like.  Here is a selection ...

Big Waffles
Oil on panel
Mary Ellen Johnson

Designer ice by Massimo Gammacurta

Sound activating jelly by Design Boom

Fab Food by Linus Morales

Stella McCartney print cake by these guys

Luncheon on a meat counter
Sandy Skoglund

And here are some other bits and bobs that I can't reference ...

Harry Hill on Studio Music totally made my day. Nice soundtrack for working into the night!

and if ya didn't know Studio Music is Rose Blake's wicked website. 

this week ...

Whenever Amy and I pair up to work together, we always end up starting some kind of explicit club ....

We had our first year zine fair on Friday and it was really fun and busy. The whole year split into pairs and made zines to sell to fundraise for our end of year show. Suspended from balloons, obviously! NICE ONE!

Been doing a bit of HAIR stuff in the mornings before college.
 More to follow once portfolio is done.

"Exhausted?" is the zine Francis and I made.
If you want one ask me and I'll give you one when I see you, or drop an email at barbarafr@hotmail.co.uk
Saw Yarisal and Kublitz on It's Nice That, today and I think they are ace.  They go through great processes to make exciting outcomes. Chchchchch-eck it out!

Totally forgotten how great smash a plate stalls are ...

In the v+a, there is a room which has jewelry in drawers.
My favourite drawer is the one with hair lockets in it.
(a bit like these, but far nicer and far more bling)