Don't want to write a boring retrospective of the year. That's because I'm so excited for stuff that's going down in 2012! From the looks of it is gonna be a sick year for exhibitions in London. And that's just from the major galleries ...

1. David Shrigley: Brain Activity @ Hayward Gallery (010212 to 130512)
I think Shrigley is a great fine artist because his work is accessible, none of this fuddy-duddy nonsense. His observations are brilliant and so honest in my opinion. This major exhibition will be epic showing his cartoons,photography and hopefully his fantastic sculpture work. Keeping it real.

2. David Hockney: A Bigger Picture @ Royal Academy of Arts (210112 to 090412)
Hockney is fantastic. 'A Bigger Splash' is my favourite painting ever, it's the kind of painting that makes you wish that you were there. This show will display landscapes he has done over the last fifty years, his iPad drawings as well as some films he has made, which sounds exciting. Can.not.wait.

3. Gillian Wearing @ Whitechapel Gallery (280312 to 170612)
Wearing's work first came to my attention after seeing her photograph G.M.Jagger for POP. She is a bit of a genius and I can't wait to see this show to learn more about her.

4. British Design: 1948 to 2012 @ The V&A (310312 to 120812)
The long awaited furniture gallery will open in 2012 at the Victoria and Albert Museum which is crazily exciting and what better way to celebrate than with this show. White City, 1948 was the last time London held the Olympics and this show will examine post-war British design. Bet there is going to be lots of exciting things to look, bet this show is going to be a revisit or!

5. Christian Louboutin @ The Design Museum (280312 to 010712)
Red soles ... You know the deal. This retrospective at the Design Museum seems really exciting and not just necessarily one for stiletto lovers. The exhibition will give insight to the production and design stages of these works of art.

... As well as Pick Me Up @ Somerset House in the Spring and, Lucian Freud @ The National Gallery and Yoko Ono @ The Serpentine Gallery too. Looks like a great year for art from here!

This afternoon I visited for the third time, the Post-Modernism exhibition at the V+A. And I still don't know what I think about it. Some parts I think are fantastic and other parts just make me want to vomit. It's a toughy. Luckily the show runs till 15th January 2012 and hopefully I will come to a conclusion by then. Will keep you posted.
Another plate for the collection.

Nick F

Nick Fraser is a really cool product designer I recently discovered. The way he transforms everyday items is brilliant. Here are two of my favourites....

This alternative storage unit for bathroom bits and bobs made by pipes is great.

The chair/table is also a stroke of genius design in my opinion. Shame you can't use both at the same time though.

Urban O

Urban Outfitters are pretty cool and they put me on their "gifted+talented" feature. Just chat about zine making and London, follow the link to read the interview. Cheers UO


Psssst wanna know a really good bookshop, specialist in fashion, fashion illustration, magazines and fashion photography books? Well go to Claire de Rouen books. It's hidden above a sex shop on Charing Cross Rd. Certainly worth a visit even if you don't buy something, just to flick through some gorgeous books. Also there is a gallery space on the same floor, which is also worth a peek. Last time I went there was a show by the wicked Valerie Phillips

Bruno M and Andy W

I think you should ask for this book for Christmas. It is a totally insightful look at design, whether visual, graphic or industrial design. The language is really simple and it is broken down into small chapters - perfect for bad readers. Perfect for dipping in and out of. My favourite part is when he analyses pea pods and oranges in terms of packaging design - sheer genius.   

Also "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again" is one of my favourites I always dip into. Definitely borrow or steal this of someone or even buy it.  This autobiography by Andy W is so insightful into his bonkers life. It's soo bonkers, once you finish reading it you feel like you have the most boring life ever. He covers his thoughts on love, beauty, fame, work, time, death, economics, food, atmosphere, art and success - perfect. If you're feeling uninspired read this and whether you love it or hate it you'll wanna make some stuff.