Made a proper website in coding class. If you're on an ipad it's a bit dodgey (I'm working on it!). Have a magic weekend xx

wish my website was this cool ....

Tegen and Tilly are doing a night next week, should be sick.
Maya and I are making a coffin photobooth (!!!) for the night. xx

Thanks to everyone who came to the zinemachine workshop yesterday. It was really cool to chat and make zines and sip on cider, with free reign on the photocopier. Hattie Stewart was there doing her thing, as were the cool people from the Impossible Project. There are lots of other events in the space this week @ un-establishment, so check it out if you're east. xx


If you're east tomorrow. I will be hosting a zine making workshop for Kopparberg on Shoreditch High Street. Should be reallly fun, come hang out with us and say hello AND make some bad ass zines for free - the photocopying is on us! Lots of cool people are doing stuff - Pure Evil is doing the interiors, Hattie Stewart is doing some doodle bombs and loadsa other neat stuff. See you therexx

This week Amy and I were making some accessories as part of a one day brief (and lots of sloppy photoshop!). 

Some stills from an experiment for a rejected proposal for a music video for Decca Records, back in the spring. Exploring the fantastic shapes that legs make when dancing. The negative spaces created are just so fun and everyone loves a bit of leg, right? xx

Miss Amelia Pemberton and I have been drawing together this week. Made a new zine. Should be printed in the next couple of weeks. It's called "Tools" and here's a peek! xx

The publishers, Random House have a publishing house under their umbrella called "Windmill Books". I was asked to create a windmill books wheel of fortune for an event. Here it is! It spins n all. If you want a comission drop me an email! xx

So, so many freckly eggs in the fridge (back in summer). Such an adorable clan! xx