So this is quite an old project from 2007. Silent Studio came in and gave us a talk a few months ago and this project really stuck with me. The video below explains it better than I can. I just think it is such a clever and simple use of loads of projectors (and I've always wanted to go to a revoling restaurant too!).

 On the note of Sketch, David Shrigley has recently done their interiors with 239 new drawings and some ceramics I wouldn't mind owning - looks bangin, if only I had the ££££$$$$€€€€  - a gurl can dream!


So Londoners, I don't know if you have noticed but all the old grates in London are being replaced by identical plastic ones . And my Mum has undertook the challenge of documenting as many as she can before change is fully implemented. Once you start looking at them you really notice the sheer variety of designs, sizes and patterns and if you're not London based take a look at my Mum's photo blog where she has been recording them all ... http://lornasaw.tumblr.com/


This ad is by far my favourite thing on the telly at moment. Brilliant, beautiful stuff.

Will be posting more frequently, apologies for the void