'Jiro Dreams of Sushi' is a fantastic film my family and I watched at the cinema several months ago. If you are lacking motivation or inspiration in any aspect of your life, this film will certainly help and be an eye opener.

And there's lots of yummy food to salivate over!


Last week it was the Chelsea Flower Show and Tom and I checked it out, having never been before. The best thing by far was my Dad's artisan retreat, it was really friendly, honest and considered (and fr ee seeds!). It was great looking at all the gardens however a large majority of the statues on show were very mad, see here.

I've found some flowery goodness to share with you. Firstly here is an i-D shoot from 2005 showing some awesome Paul Smith shirts modeled on a ice cream print wipe clean tablecloth - what more could you want?

Above is a fantastic flower holder designed by my pal Marianne out of polystyrene packaging - http://cargocollective.com/MMH/Pretty-Polystyrene . And below is another piece of work from my friends. Francis and Josh have developed a new way of sending flowers in the post, inspired by Columbia Rd flower market - http://francisnorth.com/, http://joshua-lake.com/

Pettitoe, Suffolk 2011, by Juergen Teller (above)

And finally Nikki Tibbles, florist Wild at Heart is always a treat to look into the window of, whenever I walk past.

Flower power!


As I mentioned a few posts ago, the Degree Show branding is go, go, go! Our that we designed website went live last week with all the gifs we've been creating this term. Please do check it out here http://fada.kingston.ac.uk/degree-show/ . Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Maria! 
Love you lots! 
Best sister ever!


Sooo, I mentioned before that me and three friends were doing the branding for Kingston University's Degree Show this year. On Monday we had a very early trip to the printers, to pick up the invites. I am sooo happy with how they turned out. It folds out to be an A2 poster ,printed on 60gsm allowing both images to show through. See you at the show?


Will be back soon