1st year graphics are doing a zine fair in staffspace on FRIFRIFRIDAYYYY.
ballons, candyfloss, popcorn, zinessss
francis and I will be selling our zine


snippet from a core concept project back in february

Here is a 7" cover I designed for Stereolab when I was two years old.


Laura has put on a show called "Pain at the Dentist" which opens this week. I've done an illustration piece for it and lots of other really lovely people have too, including Maya, Rob, Laura and Nick White. Should be neat!

 Andy Rementer is one of my favourite illustrators, his zines are so funny, his gouaches are gorgeous and he sends really nice letters too. Above are some goodies my parents bought back for me from his private view in the Hague. If you happen to be in the Netherlands in the next month, it could be cool to go to. I know I would if I was in the area.

And as I started to dance
people started to clap
I was going to win
and then I was out of here
Nothing could stop me
And then they started

oh tracey!


Dorito shaped holes in crisp boxes in Nottingham.