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 Happy birthday! Dazed and Confused are celebrating 20 years of their wicked magazine. When I was younger I would always flick through copies my parents would leave at home, but I never really buy it, i-D always gets in there first. Anyway, so it was really great to see an exhibition all about Dazed at Somerset House - to view magazine content on the same level that you view a framed piece of art. I thought that was cool, in the world of publishing you always rush onto making the next issue for the printers deadline and you never get a chance to properly acknowledge what you have created - so I think the show was great in that respect. Below are some of my favourite pieces from the show ...

The language Barbara Kruger (below) uses in her pieces is ace. "I'm cool. If I wasn't skinny, I couldn't be cool. I'd have to be hot, or even worse warm" - perfect phrasing for the world of fashion journalism!

Phil Poytner's series "I didn't recognise you with your clothes on" for November 1998 is definetly one of my new favourites! So witty.

Also the embroidery pieces by Maurizio Anzeri for "It came from the sky" were absolutely gorgeous.

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