Over the weekend, I was in the New York Times talking about zines and stuff.
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Brit Museum

Grayson Perry: The Tomb of the Unknown Crafts

Grayson Perry is definetly one of my favourite Essex boys. After seeing his show today, I want to visit it again and again, learn more about him and also make so much more stuff. Mind blowing stuff,  I highly, highly recommend it. The show is an installation of objects made by him, alongside objects made by unknown men and women throughout history from the British Museum’s collection - with a brilliant narrative. Perry said that "Everything in the British Museum was contemporary once" and I had never really thought about the objects displayed like that before. And to me Perry's work is so contempory featuring beautiful vases showing obese teenagers, cyber bullying and the Lotto rollover - brilliant!

Alan Measles features very heavily in the show. Do you not know who Mr Measles is? Well he is the 50 year old dictator of Grayson Perry's imagination - his beloved teddy bear -"When I was a toddler Alan was the name of my best human friend and I had measles".   Obviously the real Mr Measles didn't appear in the show, as he is far too precious to be in a display but his presence is there none the less!

When I was really little I hated going to museum and galleries because "ewww old things are boring and too smelly". But this show really has drilled into me that all these things displayed in glass cabinets in dark museums where once the cutting edge and spectacularly new and exciting to the viewer.  The excitement I feel when I look at Perry's work. I feel that it is so appropriate that this show is in the British Museum because so often it is easy to just walk to the Mummy's or the Rosetta Stone but everything displayed was once modern and not primitive and boring as I used to think when I was small.

The show runs till February and I will certainly revisit it. Also listen to the Grayson Perry, Desert Island Disks it's very good!


Bianca P

Bianca Pilet is a little bit of a genius. How great is this image for a comic book convention that she created?



David H will always be my favourite.
So excited for his major exhibition next year.


My housemate Maya is a wood enthusiast! We love Donna Wilson's knitted wood so much, it's just so charming. Donna is dead cool and she makes beautiful ceramics, knits and objects.

Personally, I am a bit of a chipboard enthusiast. And it made me smile to see some chipboard accomodating some room for a door knob, recently.

Lars + Theo

Artists Lars Marcus Vedeler and Theo Tveteras love to win solitare on computers. So much so, that they have created a fantastic 3D representation of winning the game when you play it on a PC.
How epic. Because everyone wants to be a winner.


me me me

A couple of years back I picked up the best magazine from a newsagent in nyc called "Me magazine". The issue I picked up was centered all around Paul Gondry. Here is what they say about themselves ...

"Me Magazine is an independent publication founded in 2004 devoted to creative individuals. Each issue explores the life of a guest editor and their circle of friends. It was founded to support, document, and get to know the people in the creative community who we admire."

Personally, I think I am a super nosy person. So this magazine is so great to get an insight into people and I think it is so great how much input the person who the issue is centered around has into the outcome. And also it is very insightful. Would definitely recommend it!

Week Five

Lifesize photo for typography project with A4 paper to illustrate kerning and tracking.
This photograph is for kerning*.

*Kerning is adjusting the spacing (between letters or characters) in a piece of text to be printed.

Cass Art

Today I bought a bull dog clip.
Didn't need a carrier bag.
But I really liked the way the shop man gave me my receipt.
Real neat.

Rose B

Earlier this week I bumped into Rose Blake in the canteen at university. And it totally reminded me that I haven't written about her work here at all (apart from This Is It collective).
Rose graduated from Kingston several years ago studying Illustration and then moved onto the RCA. Her illustrations are so charming in my opinion. Every time I go to bed and turn my lights off I see her lovely drawing.

Also you can get her illustrations on tees. I have my eye and this one, I saw in June at the art carboot sale at her family's stall. So nice.
And Rose also runs a terrific website called "Studio Music". The website allows you to hear what different artists/designers/photographers listen to in their studios (two new artists are uploaded each week). While you're listening you can read why they like the tracks, bit like desert island disks really. 

Yes, she's pretty cool. 

Another plate

London Design Festival

As much as I love trawling round art galleries it can be really tiring and overwhelming taking in so many things at once. So it was such a nice surprise to come across the Bouroullec Brothers expansive, coloured foam and textile installation, just as my family and I were trying to leave the V&A last week.
It was located in the Raphael Gallery. And at 30m long it was perfect for taking a break and taking in fantastic art you would otherwise be standing in front of (uncomfortably) tiptoing to see past others.
Fantastic stuff.