Jenna kindly sent me a hardcopy of the New York Times article I was in. Thanks!

She also sent me two really neat zines, Diary ( and Girl Crush Zine ( So far I have only read the latter and it is pretty sick, especially the asparagus and penne frittatta recipe, yum! Thankyou x

Meadham Kirchoff

One of the few s/s collections I am mad 4.

Some camouflage knitting I was up to, a short while ago.
boys boys boys! 

boys on the brain!
Think I need a more permanent bin system in my life.


Last month I helped the wicked guys at It's Nice That out on their latest collab/project. Which involved putting fortunes into thousands and thousands of plastic balls for Selfridges's "words words words" show, for a massive fortune-teller-rollercoaster-thing.

It's described way better than I just tried to here ...  .... I think it's a wonderful project.

There are 30,000 different fortunes to be taken home, this is mine ...

Also, if you are at Selfridges Tatty Devine have got an instore workshop in the Wonder Room which is also part of "words words words". So many cool people at Selfrigdges at the moment!

juicy fashion (iii)

Christopher Kane s/s 2009 + Um bongo

juicy fashion (ii)

Calvin Klein s/s 2009 + guava juice

juicy fashion (i)

stella mccartney s/s 2011 + 5 alive (citrus burst)

Amy bought Celine's fantastic a/w 11, wood collection to my attention. Thank you! I think it is perfect and matches my Donna Wilson wood blanket perfectly - how on trend!
Edmund De Waal's pot book is wicked. You would be potty not to like it (sorry). A page is given for each pot which is just enough text to give you insight. A broad selection of ceramics, well curated. Recommend it, along with a visit to the top floor of the V+A to the ceramics gallery.

Looking at the soles of shoes for one of the many holiday projects. Love the Nike Blazer pattern. The brief is about creating a tag for yourself, but I hate graffiti. So I'm looking at mark making with your sole of your shoe by exploiting the materials around you. Will keep you posted.
There's this one Juergen Teller photograph that weirds me out a bit ...
Roy's Huge Nipples
Kim Jenkins is pretty cool and she makes really neat work. She shares a studio with my mum and I love her work and peeping at her cool stuff and machines around her desk. Thought I would post a few of the cool things she makes but check out more on her website ...

Loving beaded voodoo flags, like the one in Power of Making. Must take so long, but worth it.
All pics from google images.

Study for Guernica.
Dorling Kindersley produce the best books ever. You want to use them when you're a baby, you want to use them when you're a child, you want to use them when you're nineteen and you want to use them when you're older. They're great because, they are not patronising, they are full of so much detail, with brilliant photography and clean, simple layout. Whether it's a book about the human body, my first cook book or an encyclopedia, you know that it will be a book that will stay around forever. 
Such brilliant design in my opinion.

Best thing in the British Museum, in my opinion.