Went to the RCA shows at Battersea and Kensington on Friday, wasn't massively blown away by the work 

but I really wanted to be

Working on my show.. need to get a movvveee on!!
60 drawings down
keith book that is so overdue from the library, I think I should own it by now, please.

Tristan and I talking to Lil about a photography project we collaborated on.

masticate that!

My first selfinitiated project this year was on mastication because I love to chew! I wanted to find out what fast food dish was the fastest according to perfect chew count and hence held "The Fastest Food Competition 2012".

Come to our end of year show, Pilot, in Hoxton next week! Lots of exciting work.

Scott made a really swell video about our zine fair at Kingston last month (or the month before??)