CHallenge done!

Will post the final outcome in the coming weeks.


If you're in Dublin, check out the 'Fail Better' exhibition at the Science Gallery. The Fixperts project that Jake, Maya, Propella and I worked on last year is on show there.


I'm doing a challenge tomorrow, it will be live streamed. Feel free to tune it!
The details are here.....



Bookbinding, caveman style.


Think this has to be my personal highlight of the Winter Olympics.


Last month, Tom and I went to 'In the making' at the Design Museum. It is a must see how for anyone who is a fan of the brilliant TV show 'How its made'. Curated by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby the exhibition interupts everyday objects in their manufacture, to show some beautiful moments that normally only machinery gets to witness. I won't spoil the show for you by revealing anymore, but it's the best show I've seen so far this year. And the publication is very nicely considered, too.


These tea light holders from Skandium by Iittala are absolutely gorgeous.
They look great as a big gang!



Basically denim everything is on my mind a lot. 
Blue day dreams, all day, every day.


All Knitwear by Annie Larson is my new favourite thing to lust over. The knits are gorgeous and the colours are just should be prescribed this time of year. The bloomer shorts are my favourite, they look the comfiest for nights in front of the telly! Yummy knitwear!! 


Simple ideas make the best projects in my opinion.


Apologies for not posting here in a while. But hopefully this little film will make up for it!