Perspectives of Nudes, Bill Brandt
Digital art is something that I am pants at (but really want to improve at). But Mike Guppy is rad at it, big time. I remember discovering his work when we were doing "The Graduates" last year at It's Nice That.  Super swell stuff, take a look at his website ....

food fashion (iv)

Comme des Garcons a/w 2012 + Mcdonalds chips

Just come back from Rye back to ldn mate. Man, I love it there. Waking up, eating ya oatabix, going for a cycle, dip in the sea, watch the boats, wave at the boats, come home, go to Marino's fish bar for some chips, chat to Marino, hit up the shops, go to budgens, climb the tower, watch the ostrichs ... man, I am too easily happy. You should totally go there if you like old stuff and small shops and harbours. 

Sarah Benton has a sick shop in Rye (yes, the road is that wonkkyy). Stocks loadsa cool people like Tatty Devine and Donna Wilson and sells hellah sweets ... like being in London! Best shop in rye ... maybe after the sweetshop, don't know what it's called but it's 109 on the high st. Also "Supernice" on Columbia Rd have opened a shop on the highst, NICE.

Also it was the maritime festival which was pretty rad, lots of stalls and fish and boats. YES!  Perfect Sunday afternoon activitttyy. Found some coool graphics, too ...

BYE! xxx

Waaaaa. Need to do some of my own projects, feel like I haven't done anything of my own and productive in foreverrrrrrr. Can't wait to get planning at the weekend, been interning all week

we are holiday pros. midnight film screenings, watched from a lilo in the pool  WIN!
I love drinks (especially everything in the fridge cocktail), so much that I think my big sis is fed up of me raving to her about the latest thing i've found down the newsagents. but I discovered the sickest drink when I was on holiday. ROSE + SHERBET. Man, it tastes sooo good (any drink with flowers in it tastes good FACT). There's rose cordial and sherbet fizzing in one glass (think active volcano category at school) and water in the other glass and then you have to pour the glasses into each other until you get the strength you want. YUM! can't wait to knock one up at home!