Doing some extra curricular projects with Propella, Maya and Jake at the moment.


Nous Vous gave my class a workshop last week and they kindly posted one of mine, Amy and Louise's images up. Thanks!



This week was the start of term and also portfolio hand in day. I decided to make my folio with the Newspaper Club over the christmas holidays and I couldn't recommend them any more. The people who work there are super helpful and really want you to make a great paper. Here are some snippets.


Back in the summer, I did some filming of papercutting for "First Cut" @ Manchester City Galleries. Ta da!


Comments on the Creative Review blog are such a source of entertainment, everyone thinking that their opinion is valid and deserved to be heard. And they are so vague they can be applied to any piece of art. Sooooooo ... I created stickers of some comments from there, just incase you're in a situation when you need an opinion but you're brain isn't working, you can just plonk one of these on.


These photographs by Tal Shochat are brilliant, they are currently on display at the "Light from the Middle East" exhibition at the V&A. She has a really, really cool process. Basically she finds the most beautiful, perfect example of a specimen of a tree. And treats it as though she's photographing it in a studio. She polishes all the fruit and leaves, picks off any ugly leaves, adds studio lights and a black backdrop ... TA DA !


Blow Chair
Jonathan De Pas , Donato D'Urbino, Paolo Lomazzi and Carla Scolari


Quentin Jones makes such fun work and is a bit of a babe too. I met her last year and had never heard of her work, and then totally forgot to write about it here. So here are some of her awesome films ...


Amy and Charlies sick new mix and video that they shot on the phantom camera!