Missing Rye lots after Anthony Burrill gave us a great talk a couple of weeks ago, can't wait to go soooooon ...


Saw a queenie oyster card in the studio the other day, super weird stuff. 


Loving the gingham in Prada a/w 2013.
To be honest loving anything gingham.

1. prada dahlin
2. scrunchiez
3. christopher kane a coupla years ago
4. summer dresses, john lewis style


Here is last weeks reading material ... i) The Gentlewoman  ii) SPQR  iii) The Daily. Sorry it has been a bit vacant here lately, but I have scheduled posts for the next seven days (lucky you!) as I am away in Berlin. Also I have updated my website, if you care to take a peek, please click here. Have a wicked Sunday x


Becoming a bit obsessed with plastic at the moment. 

1. Patrick Cox 
2. Shiro Kuramata 
3. + 4. Smile Plastic Samples 
5. Aqua 


Here is me, Propella, Maya and Jake's contribution to the Fixperts project.


Hahah trying to redesign my website to make it more JAZZY  !


Alex and I worked on a typography project based around Clockwork Orange last month, which was super fun. Here is one of our rejected ideas from the brief. Our extract of the text (which we had to typographically represent) showed Alex, the protagonist's obsession with music. Hence attempted to fit the text to the audio of Mozarts Sympothny 41, by creating in 3D the image made by audio visualisation software and then applying that text to that mould and then removed the mould on illustrator. I really enjoy process lead work, but unfortunately this wasn't what the brief was asking for and we came to another solution.

I just can't get enough of them at the moment!


Last week we did a collaborative project with illustration to raise awareness about the issues Greenpeace campaigns for. We decided to inform people of the correlation between deforestation and extinction of species, in South Kensington which coincided perfectly with "Extinction" at the Natural History Museum.


Some gloves that I made with teddy bear reinforced finger tips. 
Super warm and cosy!