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Valerie Phillips

At the start of August I was introduced super cool lady called Valerie Phillips. She is an awesome photographer and also makes brilliant skateboarding zines with French. My sister and I popped in to see her show at Claire de Rouen Books (on Charing Cross Rd). The show was a montage of her photographs, like a scrap book, there's lots to look at and the exhibition space is lovely and bright. Plus Claire de Rouen is a specialist fashion books and magazine shop which is worth visiting.  

I think this quote totally sums up what Valerie and her work is all about ...

"I have done two modelling shoots with her. If I was to be a photographer I would do what she does, Valerie works in fashion but it's not what you think. Most people think of fashion as "it has to be perfect" and people don't eat. But what she does is different. Whoever is modelling will be relaxed, they don't need to pose or be skinny or be pretty. She likes them for who they are. On shoots they can do what they want not what others want. Valerie wants peoples personalities in the shoot so if you see one photo you know what you are looking at. "   -- Elle Farrow, age 12

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