Tim Walker

I've spent a couple of weeks thinking about choosing which photographer I admire most. And I have decided that it is Tim Walker (but Juergen Teller and Guy Bourdin came very close). I know that the Tim Walker fairytale style is being copied all the time, but I think he has such a great, broad body of work. At home we have several really big Tim Walker books and my favourite thing about looking through them is looking at his sketchbooks. He is so intelligent and the way he executes his vision so well is fantastic. Very similar to the way Wes Anderson is with his films, in my opinion.

I couldn't resist taking some photos of my favourite spreads from his book ....

make a gifs

I most relate to the set of images below that he shot for Vogue Italia, September 2010. Tim doesn't take shortcuts, he's admitted to not even knowing how to use photoshop and so he has to create these magical worlds from his head in reality,  and I think he does it so beautifully. In my own practice, I try to make as much 3D things as I can rather than doing editing, as I think it stops you cutting corners and makes you consider what you want to create so much more. This editorial is so charming, I love that you can see fingers in the frame of the sign and all the strings - there is no hiding in these images and I think that's fantastic!

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