Keith Haring + Pop-up Shops

Keith Haring is one of my favourites. But it's not just his imagery that I like, I also agree with his approach to making art/design. When we were little our parents used to always wear his tees and carry bags with his designs from his Popshop in nyc, before the foundation shut it down. So I've always been familiar with his imagery. Keith got a lot of negative reactions from his decision to turn his art into a brand and plaster his imagery every where - subways, nightclubs, Grace Jones, museums, wherever. But I think that a lot of art isn't affordable for everyone and isn't that accessible. But to me Keith's work is so accessible to everyone, his images form an international language. I think that it was great that he opened his pop-shop and created merchandise, so that kids could by a badge from his shop for twenty cent meanwhile his originals $50,000 (but wayy more today). I don't think there should be snobbery in art/design and that's why I think Haring was so great.

I would definitely recommend to read his journals. The way he considers "occupying a space" entirely when putting on a show, really made me think about how I can make more of an impact in my own practice. I think affordable, considered art is something that can me amazing when done well. Making the masses feel a connection, like how much I love Grayson Perry's silk scarves for  seventy pounds. and how much I think it is brilliant despite so many others having it.  Keith Haring's Popshop was revolutionary in my opinion, but in a time when everyone is doing pop-up shops (even Comme Des Garcons) it is something that perhaps seems to be having less of an impact ...

not the best quality, but worth a watch


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