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Pitt Rivers Museum

Pitt Rivers is Oxford University's collection of anthropology and world archaeology. With high, high ceilings and tall glass cabinets displaying shrunken heads and necklaces made from the hair of Queen Elizabeth I's hair balls, it is a fantastically peculiar place. They even give you torches so you can see what's at the back of the deep cabinets. The last time I visited I must have been half the age I am now and remember being absolutely scared out of my mind by what surrounded me. But this summer, I could handle it.

the more "natural history museum style" wing of Pitt Rivers

The part of the museum that caught my attention on my visit was a temporary exhibition, in a side wing of the museum, with a far more modern interior compared to the rest of the museum. The show was called "Made for Trade". Here I learnt about the trade of coffins in Ghana, through an ace film. These contemporary coffins are themed relating to the deceased's trade or past time. I think they are fantastic coffins! But it seems such a shame to bury something so beautiful, made with such skills into the ground not to be seen. Here are some examples of some of the coffins ...

 coffin for a fisherman

coffin for a shoe maker

coffin for a farmer?

The show runs till 2013

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