Yesterday I watched the documentary 'Being Elmo' and I thought it was fantastic. To me there is something so magical about the Muppets; the way they look, their feltiness, the colours, the head bopping - they are just very satisfying to look at and even better when they come to life. From Miss Piggy's clothes to Big Birds feathers to those freaky hermit shell things in Labyrynth, there is something very special about these puppets … and Kevin Clash wouldn't disagree with me.

This documentary follows the story of the Kevin Clash, from Baltimore and his dream to make puppets for Jim Henson. Kevin would  put on puppet shows for his Mum's daycare kids, all made and performed by him - just a high school kid. Of course, there was the inevitable bullying the other kids would give for "playing with toys" in his free time but Clash did not let this knock his confidence. The film shows his follow his dream and getting involved with Kermitt Love and Jim Henson - all very emotional of course.

Having created/resurrected the Elmo character, Kevin has won the hearts of so many children including myself. Elmo is fantastic and in the word's of the documentary he represents 'pure unadulterated love'. And the love children have for Elmo, is very moving and for Clash to create this is awe inspiring. To me, Sesame St is such a great institution for learning how to love (of course your abc and 123s). I would recommend this film to any fan of the show or person with an interest in puppets or making.

And the trailer for the film ...

And here's a tear jerking clip of Jim Henson's funeral, also for you ...

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I love muppets too ;)