As a commuter, I can find it pretty soul destroying. The Victoria line at 8.30am isn't the most pleasurable experience. However there are a handful of things that can make journeys, just that little bit more enjoyable. Number one on my list being Stylist Magazine. This weekly free magazine is given out at stations. And free doesn't mean without value, Stylist magazine is a great mag and I interned in their art department this August. I've interned at a few magazines before, but Stylist felt very different because of the rapid turnover of issues. And everyone there is super lovely and I learnt so much about editorial design (and fashion, obvs)! If you haven't already checked out this weeks BUMPER fash issue, you can browse it on their website …http://www.stylist.co.uk/



  1. Hi Linn,

    I'm not doing my bfr zine anymore, but do make the odd one of zine!