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 The Art of Looking Sideways @ Kemistry Gallery

I was in Hoxton on my way to Bethnal Green and decided to pop in to the Kemistry Gallery on the way (because I haven't gone in ages). I was pleasantly surprised to find that the show was all about Alan Fletcher, displaying the original plans for his book "The Art of Looking sideways". I have this book at home, but to be honest I've never sat down to read it because it is so big and awkward. But this show was really great I think. 

Already being familiar with his work, I was most excited by the layout of the show. The individual plastic wallets the artwork was displayed in, allowed you to consider each piece individually. It made me think of "The Art of Looking Sideways" as a blog, with each page being an idea, an inspiration or a quick thought - a bit like Fletcher's own version of our summer holiday project.

Below are some quick sketches I did before I had to leave ...

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