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Object Abuse @ KK Outlet

London Design Festival is just round the corner and this is a show that has got me a bit excited about it. Some of my favourite designers including Michael Marriott and Dominic Wilcox were in the show, so I knew it wouldn't be disappointing. The concept of the show was to take an everyday object and to change the function of it - a simple brief, providing brilliant outcomes. I'm going to share my top three things in the show, even though there is so much more good stuff.

1. Salt&Pepper Shaker (Egg timer) by Emma Morton
This piece is so charming. This is literally turning the object on it's head. It's so simple, I think it would be a really good timer for playing boggle. Good move not putting ground pepper in it, it would have mixed and gone a bit murky with the salt.

2. Paint brushes (Coat hooks) by Dominic Wilcox
Dominic Wilcox can do no wrong in my opinion. This piece is so witty, but also executed really beautifully. When I was younger I would always forget to wash my brushes but I wish they would have hardened in shapes like these. Wilcox is so good at observing things and even better at applying these observations to his work.

3. The gift shop
My third favourite thing, oddly wasn't a piece in the show. It was the peg board made of pencils that KK Outlet display their publications in. I think it is genius, definitely going to be trying this out. So simple, but so great.

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