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Prick Your Finger

It's hard to keep up with what PYF are up to as they are always soo crazy busy. Whether they're knitting jackets for Boris Bikes or knitting the front of their shop in Bethnal Green, they are always up to something ace! It's run by Rachel Matthew and Louise Clarke who both met at CSM. I remember going to their knitting club "Cast Off" at Tatty Devine when I was like nine and being soo excited by so many people making stuff in a tiny shop. They're the kind of girls who do stuff rather than talking about it!

Currently, they have a pop up shop at Rough Trade (east). So if you're down Truman's totally pop in and they are doing lots of events. I would totally recommend going because they are the loveliest ladies ever!

 Last year after complaining to them about how John Lewis didn't have any shoulder pads and writing about it in my zine. They decided to start stocking them to get me my hit, with dallas packaging naturally. They are too cool. That's what is the best about having your own shop - being able to introduce new products so quickly.

Their shop is on 260 Globe Road, E2. Which is full of lots of ace knitted bits and bobs. They also sell my zine there. 

 Rachel's fabulous hair and me.

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