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Build are a graphic design agency. Here is their manifesto:

We Trust: Our instinct. Strong creative instincts plus our combined experience help us to make powerful, relevant work
We Question: We listen; we question; we understand.  
We Believe: We believe in the power of good design. Design can influence people, change lives and make things better. 
We Ignore: Convention. A point of difference is not built from doing things the same way as everyone else. There is great value in being different
 We Are Responsible: We source materials and suppliers that are ethical and sustainable, we don’t just think it’s good practice; it should be a given.  
We Challenge: Preconceptions. It makes for a much more interesting world.  
We Look: To the future- but respect our collective heritage.
And I totally agree with all the points above. 

Above is packaging which is a response to the government proposing to sell cigarettes in plain white packaging to limit they're appeal.  Build, tried to design packaging which looked good while still warning smokers.

Here is their blog -

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