Beads are the best. There I said it. In fact, I bloody love them! My mum is one who knows best, that I am notorious for not finishing sewing and knitting projects but beading is something I really love and need to make more time for. 

I remember being blown away by beading, when seeing a beaded bouquet resting on a grave stone on holiday in France, when I must have been eight or so. And for the rest of that holiday, my family and I attempted to recreate the bouquet we saw, making up techniques and using whatever beads we came across. Which looked a lot more like a bundle of flowers, pictured below. Perhaps, it is that they are like mini gems - maybe that's what makes them so alluring.

The next time bit of beading that I came across that blew my mind away was at The Power of Making exhibition at the V&A. It was a Haitian voodoo flag on display (similar to the ones below). Which showed beading in a very different technique; they were 2D and creating a narrative, rather than being floral and (slightly) twee. They are great and the time spent making them is awe inspiring.

After having missed out on a fantastic Cadbury's beaded bag on ebay, I am determined to do some beading over the Christmas holiday and finally break my pattern of in complete projects! 

Beading should be seen as a material, rather than a style - not limited at all in it's forms and style

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  1. Great post! Doesn't everyone have a cupboard full of unfinished projects?! I think it's part of learning, you explore different techniques and use different colours and materials, slowly bit by bit you discover what you like and what works for you best. Love you loads xxxx mumsie