During London Design Festival, I came across the gorgeous work of Emilie Grenier at the V&A. Her feldspar project was really ace and logical. If you don't know what fedlspar is (I didn't until we spoke to her!) it is the world's most prevalent mineral which makes up 60% of the Earth's crust. Which is a material with plenty of excess so Grenier was free to do what she wished with out being to precious. However she ended up producing some very precious feldspar gemstones - luxury items from abundant resources. The polished up brass tubes she used to collect it, are also gorgeous. By polishinh an dpolishing the everyday, another luxury item is created. Fantastic!

Then, last Wednesday I was briefed to become a stonemason for the day (I settled for carver) and I couldn't help but think of Emilie's really fragile, gorgeous outcomes. When visiting studios I sort of fell in love with it. Being forced to take your time, when working with certain materials really made me think about skill and craft. And whether I really do have any skills beyond the adobe suite. Really looking forward to putting myself in the world of stone for this brief. And will share the outcomes in the coming months! xx

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