Last week I was kindly invited by Amelia (Pemberton) and Amelia (Melbourne) to take part in Plaay Studio. They had rented Hay Studios in Cornwall for five days and nights for ten creatives to make art together and live together. The Amelia's spent the week making a collection centered around "play" and we were all invited to create our own work inspired by this collection, which I will show more of in the next post. All of us had our own creative interests some were photographers, film makers, models, illlustrators, knitters - but between the ten of us we undertook our own individual and collaborative project during our stay. And I must say it was such a fun week, making and getting on with things - working fast enough to not really dwell on what you're doing.

Every one there,  apart from Chloe and myself, studied at Falmouth in the art school. So it was really great to see how others work and apply that to my own studio culture. During the week, our aim was to create work for the private view on the Friday, however it wasn't until the day of the show that we really knew what the exhibition would look like - as there was no outline for the show, we would simply present what we had spent the week creating.

Having access to the studio 24 hours was great. Alongside our own individual project we all modelled for life drawing in the evening (wearing the collection, naturally) and made collaborative films in the evenings.

For me, it was the perfect last week of the summer holidays. Getting into the spirit of making things and being influenced by practices other than graphic design (because the world isn't just about GD guys haha!). I spent the week drawing and illustrating which is something I have not done in ages, and really enjoyed it - will share the results soon!

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