In July, I did a placement at Penguin Random House in the PR section. Now the last book I've read from start to finish was Jamie's 30 Minute Meals (such a good book!), so I was a bit out of my depth! But it was great to spend lots of time around books and designing invites for book launches and seeing how everything works (at 50 shades of grey HQ haha). Anyway, I'm not going to go on about publishing and publicity, I thought I would share with you some book-y goodness ...

1. Am I Too Loud?
Yes, you are too loud! This book I always see lying around at home, it's my sisters but I think the cover is so simple and fun! Brilliant! 

2. I wonder what's in this book
This is the kind of thing that art attack dreams are made of. You know the deal? Get a book, hollow it out and keep all your love notes and gel pens in it - but don't tell anyone. The more unassuming the book cover, the better!

3. Carrying books around
Carrying books around is some what of a pain. I went to a sixth form where you weren't allowed a school bag (because they look messy?!) and so had to carry books under your arm in a scholarly fashion. BUT this Lulu Guinness holdall is perfect, like all her bags it's playful and something you just want to wear - everyone has to have some LG in their life ;-)

4.  Cornflakes!
Genius book disguise idea, by my dad hahaa

5. Night Film
Just started reading this mixed media book and it's really addictive! Can't wait to finish but it's a bit to heavy to carry in your handbag :-( 


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