On Tuesday, my sister and I watched a fantastic documentary called 'Grey Gardens'. I'd heard about it before, but didn't realise how great it was until viewed. The movie, in my opinion, shows Edie Bouvier Beale completely and utterly relaxed and being herself and that is so refreshing, despite perhaps looking insane some times. I was really touched by it and the (kind of bizarre and crazy) relationship between mother and daughter. For me, it didn't add anything to the film that they were related to Jackie O, I just think it's interesting to see how people live and to hear their stories and see their homes.

And Little Edie is a bit of a style icon too ...


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  1. Grey Gardens is such an amazing story, they are such amazing characters, and I always loved how even though they were portrayed as society women who went crazy and lost everything, I think they were just kinda happy doing whatever they wanted?! My little sister and I joke that we will grow into Grey Gardens, and I found out recently that my flatmate and her little sister say the same thing. I think we would all be quite content with that life xxx