selfinitiated 2

For my second self initiated project I am looking at hotels. This is because I love them and feel I do not stay in them enough. And here is some hotel stuff/inspiration.

The Madonna Inn is the best hotel I've ever stayed in. It is off the motorway, in California, in the middle of nowhere. And is sooo big and kitsch and camp. The Madonna Suite is the best ever, I think it is every little girls fantasy.

Then comes The Overlook Hotel from The Shining. Not sure if this is a real hotel. But I sort of have a weird obsession with it and the film. From the huge reception to the carpets to the maze to room 237 to the ballroom. It is just unreal. Would love to spend a night there.

Another cool hotel that I've only gone to for parties but never done a sleepover in is the W Hotel in Trafalgar Square.  It has the hugest disco ball I have ever, ever seen. Judging from the ball size, I bet the rooms are epic.

Finally, my latest hotel obsession is all about tree house hotels in Sweden. Seriously gorgeous. Want to save up and stay in the mirror tree house in Harads.

Got another two weeks looking at hotels. Will keep you posted on my (ridiculously ambitious) plans.

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