Bruno M and Andy W

I think you should ask for this book for Christmas. It is a totally insightful look at design, whether visual, graphic or industrial design. The language is really simple and it is broken down into small chapters - perfect for bad readers. Perfect for dipping in and out of. My favourite part is when he analyses pea pods and oranges in terms of packaging design - sheer genius.   

Also "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again" is one of my favourites I always dip into. Definitely borrow or steal this of someone or even buy it.  This autobiography by Andy W is so insightful into his bonkers life. It's soo bonkers, once you finish reading it you feel like you have the most boring life ever. He covers his thoughts on love, beauty, fame, work, time, death, economics, food, atmosphere, art and success - perfect. If you're feeling uninspired read this and whether you love it or hate it you'll wanna make some stuff.

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