Rose B

Earlier this week I bumped into Rose Blake in the canteen at university. And it totally reminded me that I haven't written about her work here at all (apart from This Is It collective).
Rose graduated from Kingston several years ago studying Illustration and then moved onto the RCA. Her illustrations are so charming in my opinion. Every time I go to bed and turn my lights off I see her lovely drawing.

Also you can get her illustrations on tees. I have my eye and this one, I saw in June at the art carboot sale at her family's stall. So nice.
And Rose also runs a terrific website called "Studio Music". The website allows you to hear what different artists/designers/photographers listen to in their studios (two new artists are uploaded each week). While you're listening you can read why they like the tracks, bit like desert island disks really. 

Yes, she's pretty cool. 

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