First day ...

Yesterday was day one. Super excited to be on the course. I received a permanent marker for being the first to submit my project (as did the last person) - a bit embarrassing but worth it for the pen.

Also received a book about last years graduates from Kingston called "Step_Trip_Step". I attended their end of year show back in the summer which also got me so excited for starting here. Hannah Shipley's work is fantastic, I saw it also at the It's Nice That Graduate's show along side some other brilliant Kingston people like Doug  from graphics and Sarah Maycock from illustration. But the book we were given didn't have my favourite piece of her's in it.

Above is "Stolen" by Hannah. Which she describes as "A collective photography piece documenting the reactions of people caught unawares waiting in photo booths". I really like this piece because it is so simple and humorous. She catches the caught of guard moment perfectly and it works brilliantly as a collection but also as solo pieces. And I like photobooths too. There is an old fashioned photoautomat hidden in the basement of Pizza East off Shoreditch High St, it's brilliant and very smelly. But don't blow on the picture too hard or the image will run.

Anyway, we were told to "have tea" with someone we don't know. So Maya and I went with Zeus. Nice one.

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