February 1983

i-D is one of my favourite things. I used to remember always reading it when my parents had a copy lying around the flat and thinking "what the hell is the amazing thing!". It started out as a rad fanzine documenting the Kings Rd scene and is now a glossy, global fashion bible. I think Terry Jones has done such a good job with his magazine, just getting his mates like Nick Knight to help him and writing about his friends. That's what I try to do with my zine, write about stuff my friends and I enjoy and collaborate with them too. 

Anyway, several weeks ago I was kindly given issue twelve of i-D, which was landscape.

Recently I feel that it has got a bit too fashion-y, I like the text parts best. So when I was given issue 12 of the mag I was chuffed to see it jammed with street style, a drug education double spread, schoolwear to weekendwear and places to eat. It's really weird reading about all these really crazy cool boutiques and stores on the Kings Road, because I don't really feel it's like that anymore at all it's just full of Whistles and Comptoir des Cotonniers, which is quite sad. I've scanned my favourite spreads for you to have a peek at ...

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