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The Coral Reef @ The Tate Britain (by Mike Nelson)

Normally shows are very hyped up big banners and lots of signs and publicity within the museum they are displayed in. However when my family and I asked where in the Tate this show was, even the lady at the information point was vaguely aware that this show existed. We found it by looking for a door on the ground floor with no signs next to it but a guard on a chair.

This hidden installation leads you through to a labrynth of rooms that all seem vaguely familiar, like mini cab offices and brothel-y vibes. My parents said they reminded them of nightclubs they used to go to - they must have gone to some pretty grimey places! I think it is a successful piece as I felt like I was in a totally different time and place. 

If you've got four minutes to spare, I would watch this video. If you've got more time to spare, go along and see it ...

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