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Girls+Zines @ Tatty Devine

This is the show that I curated this summer! After completing my foundation I just wanted to do my own thing and write my own brief for once. I have been making zines since I was fifteen and it's such a big part of my life, so I wanted to put on a show to celebrate all the brilliant people who make zines in their bedrooms at night. My friends at Tatty Devine were kind enough to host the show and it runs till late September. 

The show consisted of a zine library that people could browse and donate their own zines to, I really wanted to encourage reading so I created beanbags and a seating area for people to lounge in. I received an overwhelming amount of submissions to the show so I created a zine exchange where people could bring along their own publication and do a swap. I screen printed my own publication to go with the show, also. After the show I am donating all the publications to the Women's Library in Shoreditch to be archived and read by future generations.

It was really exciting putting on my own show! As it was my first time doing one by myself, I have learnt so much and also thought of so many ways I can improve it.
It would be great to do another one next summer or even a pop-up shop.

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